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On this page you will find information about membership, benefits of membership, and the different member levels available to you. Larger organizations that want to include more than two members of their team in their membership or who are interested in having members of their team serve on a committee may want to consider a sponsorship level instead of a membership level.  To learn about sponsorship click here.

How Much Does Membership Cost?

Affiliate Providers

Primary Care Practitioners

Industry Member

Hospital & Medical Group

(includes two (2) individuals)

Corporate Member

(includes two (2) individuals)

Affiliate Provider: A duly licensed or non-licensed person that is not an MD or DO such as, but not limited to, a nurse, medical assistant, physical therapist, physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner.

Primary Care Practitioner: A Primary Care Practitioner member is duly licensed to MD or DO.

Industry Member: Individuals who represent industry companies that do not fit into any of the other categories. This would include members who represent companies such as kit makers, allergen suppliers, and other companies.

Hospital & Medical Group: Either Primary Care Practitioners or Affiliates who obtain membership as a group.

Corporate Member: Individuals who represent corporate companies that do not fit into any of the other categories. This would include members who represent companies such as insurance providers, medical supplies, office supplies, and others.

Who Is Membership Open To?

AAAPC membership is open to Primary Care Practitioners, Affiliate Providers, Industry Members, Hospital & Medical Group Practice, and Corporate Members When Is It Billed? Your membership will be billed annually and due the month each year in which you initially joined. What Benefits Do I Get As A Member? All members get the following benefits:

AAAPC provides learning opportunities for physicians with leading health professionals and legal advisors on various topics and best practices. All webinars are available for CME credit. Each member type is afforded opportunities to obtain continuing medical education (CME) credits through live and on-demand webinars (now available) and our new e-learning courses (coming Fall 2018). All members are able to earn up to four (4) CME credits at no additional charge with their membership through webinar and e-learning course participation.

Member webinar and e-learning course rates for additional learning opportunities beyond the four (4) CME’s included in membership already.

AAAPC Quarterly newsletter

Opportunities to write articles for the newsletter and website

AAAPC provides legal counsel to represent and support its members on important topics such as payor relations, policy change and call to action.

AAAPC offers greater visibility and access to patients with our online Physician Finder, where patients can go to search for a local AAAPC member physician.

AAAPC offers library of articles and studies about the latest information on immunotherapy, diagnostic testing and more.

AAAPC offers networking opportunities and events that serve to build community among fellow allergy and asthma service providers. Members receive exclusive membership rates.

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