The AAAPC is governed by up to an eleven-member Board of Directors and managed by an Executive Director.

Board of Directors

Executive Board

David Reichert, Pharm.D, CCRA, R. Ph.D

Brooks Trotter, MD

Vice President

Robert Patterson, DO


Jeremy Szeto, DO

Jeff Bullard, MD
Past President



Frederick Schaffer, MD

Executive Director – Interim

Martin Herrera

Dr. Clark J. Martin Oral Surgery

“In the desert Southwest, environmental allergens play a dominant role in respiratory disease states and are an everyday clinical finding in urgent and primary care. AAAPC has become a cost-effective facilitator in my providing best clinical practices, whether in patient education materials or midlevel provider webinar education. AAAPC has helped my primary and urgent care practice “stand out from the crowd!”

Dr. Patterson

Dr. Jeff Bullard

“AAAPC has been a persistent force and resource in helping me deliver allergy and asthma care to my patients. They have successfully defended primary care providers like myself when outside forces have threatened to negatively impact our ability to deliver allergy testing and immunotherapy services. Additionally, AAAPC has provided valuable educational opportunities on a variety of relevant topics that have assisted me in increasing my patient care skills. I think being a member of the AAAPC is a must for any healthcare provider delivering allergy and asthma care!”

Dr. Patterson

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