Board Committees

The AAAPC Board of Directors has established the following committees to carry out the mission of the AAAPC.  Each committee is made up of directors and members who carry out the committees work and make recommendations back to the Board of Directors.

Industry Advisory Committee

The Industry Advisory Committee is responsible for reviewing current practices in allergy and asthma medicine. Specifically, the committee advises the AAAPC board on new trends and practices, makes recommendations to the board and education committee on educational topics and trainings, and works on the creation of new physician and patient materials.

Provider Education Committee

The purpose of the provider education committee is to review create core curriculum for AAAPC certification of providers and determine continuing medical education (CME) strategy.

Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee is responsible for bringing recommendations and solution direction to the board of director local, state, and federal, and insurance provider issues and practices that affect AAAPC members.

Membership Committee

The purpose of the membership committee is to recruit and retain membership in AAAPC. Specifically, the committee reviews membership levels and rates, determines sponsorship rates and packages, and makes recommendations to the board of directors for new membership initiatives and policies.

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