NEW YORK, NY – The Academy of Allergy & Asthma in Primary Care (AAAPC) is a national non-profit organization, created to assist physicians in expanding their role to provide allergy diagnostics and therapy to the underserved patient population in the primary care setting.

There are approximately sixty million Americans affected by allergic disorders, yet there are fewer than 3,000 practicing allergists in the U.S. to assess and treat this vast patient population.  AAAPC’s mission is to foster the ability for primary care physicians to provide high quality, patient accessible diagnostic and therapeutic allergy and asthma care to improve patient outcomes.

“Allergy and asthma care is primary care.  There is a large discrepancy between those who suffer from allergic disorders and practicing allergists. We are looking to help meet this incredible demand by fostering a larger role for primary care physicians in the treatment of allergic disorders and giving them the tools and a voice to do so,” said Jeffrey M. Bullard, MD, president of the AAAPC Board of Directors.

AAAPC membership has numerous benefits. As a partner in professional development, AAAPC not only supports health professionals expand their role through education and the ability to provide high quality, allergy and asthma care, AAAPC’s Advocacy Council also provides support before payers, managed care and government officials to address potential threats to our practices and patients, as the practice and challenges of medicine evolves.

In addition, members can take advantage of interactive webinars on the latest research and best practices in allergy and asthma care in primary care, as well as networking opportunities among fellow members. AAAPC will promote awareness of allergy and asthma by improving consumer awareness, education of treatment options and care provider referrals.

AAAPC is currently providing a special introductory free membership for health professionals, through December 31, 2016 if they join by May 31, 2016. Those interested in becoming a member may apply online and use code: aaapcjoin for the free membership.