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Primary care physicians want to expand their role of providing high quality allergy and asthma care and therapy to the under served patient population. The primary care physician is often the first line of care since there are only approximately 5,000 specialists nationwide whose practices center on allergy and asthma care.

AAAPC provides live and on-demand CME education and an advocate voice for its member physicians so they can provide exceptional care to the patients they serve.

Providing a voice for primary care physicians


The Academy of Allergy and Asthma in Primary Care (AAAPC) is a national non-profit organization, which supports innovative care models for allergy and asthma care in the primary care setting. AAAPC assists physicians in expanding their role to provide high quality allergy care and therapy to the underserved patient population.



Health Innovators Create National Nonprofit to Give Physicians the Ability to Provide Care to Underserved Patients

The Academy of Allergy & Asthma in Primary Care (AAAPC) is a national non-profit organization, created to assist physicians in expanding their role to provide allergy diagnostics…


AAAPC Education

Course List

  • Allergen Immunotherapy:
    (1 CME)
  • An Overview of Ocular Allergic Diseases
    (1 CME)
  • Immunotherapy:


Our mission is to foster the ability of physicians to provide diagnostic and therapeutic allergy and asthma care that is both high-quality and patient-accessible.  We do this by advocating on behalf of our members to governmental and insurance stakeholders while providing quality live and on-demand education.

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